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Value Proposition

We live out our company motto “Your Partner in Business Excellence” by developing a working relationship with our clients. We go out of our way to meet
areas of need in our clients that are not necessarily part of the contract but that are within our area of expertise with the motivation of seeing our clients excel and achieve certification.

Above all, we support our clients through hands on training, documentation and guided audits so that they can develop and implement these standards and efficiently run organization based on proven international systems.

Face to face and online personalized trainings are flexible hence the trainees can attend the training at the comfort of their offices or homes.

Our close coordination with reputed certification agencies like Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) & SGS ensures that our certificate has the proper national and international recognition.

We offer in-house training where we go to the client’s office, this saves on travel and accommodation costs and open courses are offered at the preferred venue of the client.

Top Quest Consultants Ltd – Your Partner in Business Excellence

Imagine this! We can automate your whole ISO management System.

This will enhance the efficiency of the ISO management systems. It’s time you say goodbye to the volumes of paper work and thee tedious time-consuming process of manual editing and updating quality manuals and documented procedures

Training services for ISO Standards

Awareness training introduces participants to the fundamental concepts, principles, and requirements of specific ISO standards. It is ideal for employees at all levels of the organization who need a basic understanding of ISO standards and their significance. It provides essential knowledge to employees to foster a culture of quality, compliance, and continuous improvement within the organization.

Implementation training equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively implement ISO standards within their organization. This type of training is suitable for individuals tasked with leading or participating in implementing ISO standards, such as quality managers, project managers, or process owners. It enables organizations to establish robust management systems aligned with ISO standards, driving efficiency, consistency, and customer satisfaction.

Top management training educates senior executives and leaders on their roles and responsibilities in driving ISO compliance and organizational excellence. Targeted at executive-level leaders, including CEOs, directors, and senior managers, who play a critical role in setting organizational direction and priorities. This training empowers top management to provide strategic leadership, allocate resources effectively, and champion a culture of quality and compliance throughout the organization.

Internal auditors training prepares individuals to conduct internal audits to evaluate the effectiveness of the organization’s ISO management system. This training is designed for individuals responsible for internal audits, such as quality managers, auditors, or compliance officers.  It equips  organizations with the capability to assess and improve their ISO compliance internally, identify areas for improvement, and maintain certification.

Lead auditors training provides comprehensive knowledge and skills required to lead external audits and certification assessments for ISO standards. The training is geared towards experienced auditors or professionals seeking certification as lead auditors. This training will enable organizations to confidently engage in external audits, ensure compliance with ISO standards, and achieve or maintain certification, enhancing credibility and market competitiveness.

Consultation services for ISO Standards

Our consultation services offer expert guidance and support to organizations seeking to implement or improve their ISO management systems. We provide tailored solutions to address your specific needs, ensuring successful compliance with ISO standards and achieving organizational objectives. Our consultation services suit individuals and organizations of all sizes and industries looking to enhance their quality, environmental, or occupational health and safety management systems

Top Quest Consultants Ltd assists organizations in developing comprehensive documentation required for ISO compliance, including policies, procedures, manuals, and records. Well-documented management systems facilitate consistency, clarity, and compliance, enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Our documentation services are valuable for organizations seeking to establish or improve their ISO management systems, regardless of their current implementation stage.

Our guided implementation services provide step-by-step assistance and support throughout the ISO standard implementation process. We help organizations navigate the complexities of ISO implementation, ensuring a smooth and successful transition while minimizing disruption to operations. Our guided implementation services are ideal for organizations embarking on their ISO journey for the first time or those seeking to enhance their existing management systems.

Our internal audit services help organizations assess the effectiveness of their ISO management systems through thorough and impartial audits. Internal audits identify areas for improvement, ensure compliance with ISO standards, and drive continuous improvement and excellence. Our internal audit services are essential for organizations committed to maintaining ISO certification and achieving operational excellence through rigorous self-assessment.

Our pre-assessment or pre-certification services help organizations evaluate their readiness for formal ISO certification. Pre-assessments identify gaps and areas for improvement, allowing organizations to address issues proactively before undergoing formal certification audits. Our pre-assessment services are valuable for organizations preparing to pursue ISO certification for the first time or seeking to maintain their certification status.

Auditing Services

At Top Quest Consultants Ltd, we offer a comprehensive range of ISO auditing services to empower businesses of all sizes to achieve and maintain compliance with various ISO standards. Our team of qualified and experienced auditors can guide you through the process with:

  • Identify the Path to Compliance: Our gap assessment bridges the gap between your current practices and the specific requirements of your chosen ISO standard
  • Prioritize Improvements: We’ll not only pinpoint discrepancies but also prioritize them based on risk and regulatory importance, allowing you to focus your resources effectively.
  • Prepare for Certification Smoothly: A gap assessment serves as a stepping stone towards a successful ISO certification audit, minimizing surprises and maximizing your chances of achieving certification.
  • Verify System Implementation: Our on-site internal audits meticulously evaluate the implementation of your ISO management system across all departments.
  • Identify and Address Non-Conformances: We’ll identify any areas where your practices deviate from the ISO standard’s requirements.
  • Strengthen Your Internal Controls: By involving your staff in the audit process, we can foster a culture of awareness and accountability for maintaining compliance within your organization.

Before embarking on a formal certification audit by an accredited certification body, a pre-certification audit conducted by our team can identify any potential areas for improvement.

  • Minimize Risk of Non-Compliance: By addressing these issues beforehand, you can significantly reduce the risk of non-conformances during the official audit, saving you time and resources.
  • Peace of Mind for Certification Readiness: Our pre-certification audit provides valuable feedback and peace of mind, allowing you to approach the formal audit with confidence.

The steps we follow to
achieve your goals

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Why Choose Us for Your ISO Audits?

  • Expert Auditors: Our team comprises qualified ISO auditors with extensive experience in various industry sectors and a deep understanding of ISO standards.
  • Tailored Approach: We tailor our audits to your specific business needs, size, and chosen ISO standard, ensuring a focused and efficient assessment.

  • Actionable Recommendations: We don’t just highlight problems; we provide practical recommendations and corrective actions to achieve compliance.
  • Continuous Improvement Partner: We go beyond the audit to support your journey towards continuous improvement of your management systems.